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Racing For A Cause: Cyclist Raises $10K For Heroes Foundation

A lifelong Hoosier, Bryce Zoeller was born in New Albany – but his love for cycling was born in Bloomington. He got involved in the Little 500 bike race while he was a student at Indiana Universi [...]

Summits Podcast Episode 5: A Woman’s Strength – Julie Drew Lost Her Husband To Cancer, Then Beat It Herself

Julie Drew grew up in suburban Detroit. When it was time to start thinking about college, she didn’t know where she wanted to go – but she did know where she didn’t want to go. “Michigan St [...]

Summits Podcast Episode 4: Lindy Thackston’s Comeback Story

After a year-long battle with stage 3 colorectal cancer, FOX 59 morning news anchor Lindy Thackston finished her last treatment in mid-April. A day she dreamed about for months – she didn’t exp [...]

Plan Your Porch Party With Peachey

Last year, organizers had big plans for the Catherine Peachey Fund’s Wine Tasting with Peachey. “We had a great plan in place,” said Program Manager Stephanie Lesher. “We had a caterer for [...]

Summits Podcast Episode 3: Beating The Odds – Matt King’s Cancer Story

Seven years ago, Matt King got up and started his day like any other. It’s now a day he looks back on as the beginning of a journey. “I put on deodorant one morning and there was a lump that wa [...]

Meet The New Director Of The IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center

Growing up in Maryland, Dr. Kelvin Lee had his heart set on becoming a marine biologist. “I ended up doing a summer internship with Dr. Elliott Perlin at the Naval Medical Research Institute. My [...]