For Chef Tony Hanslits, Giving Back Is A Way Of Life

Life in the restaurant business started at the bottom for Chef Tony Hanslits. “After school, I would go and clean the kitchen and take the trash out and mop behind the bar and do the bathrooms.” He worked his way up from the floors to the tables – bussing and cleaning – but he wouldn’t […]

Summits Podcast Episode 10: Tom Morris Uses Positivity To Empower Himself And Others

An elite athlete – in 2012, Tom Morris suffered a devastating injury. Through therapy and the power of positive thinking, he was able to regain his independence, reclaim his life, and return to his job training elite athletes at Indiana University. “It’s allowed me to help more people and spread a better message.” For more […]

Indiana Author Donates Portion Of Book Sales To Heroes Foundation

Beth Rashleigh has spent most of her professional life studying, coaching, and consulting on leadership and organizational development. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented leadership. Last year, Rashleigh watched in shock and disbelief as COVID-19 swept from one corner of the globe to another. She also watched how people in positions of power responded – and […]