The Heroes Foundation welcomes James Hinshaw as new Chair of Board of Directors

The Heroes Foundation is pleased to welcome James Hinshaw as the new Chair of the Heroes Foundation Board of Directors. James was introduced to the Heroes Foundation through his colleague Briana Clark of Dentons Bingham Greenebaum. He has served the foundation for many years as a board member and assumes this new role today. James, a cancer survivor, understands what it is like to receive a cancer diagnosis. “It’s like watching a grenade thrown into a movie. You see mouths moving but you can’t really hear anything,” he explained during an interview on the Heroes Foundation’s Summits Podcast.

James recounted how the diagnosis changed his life. “You become ultra-aware. In some ways it is a blessing because you realize what you have, and I had an attitude of gratitude. Whether you say thank you to yourself, the universe, or God, I was thankful for the sound of birds, feeling a breeze, having the resources to fight the disease and the world class resources in my backyard,” he explained.

“You also think about your priorities. There is a philosophical change. I didn’t only think about what I will do and where I will go but about reconnecting with people. Unlike someone in a fatal car accident, I was given the blessing of time. I connected and reconnected with so many people,” James concluded. Watch James’ episode on the Summits Podcast to learn more about his commitment to beating cancer.