Many donors discover the ultimate way to support the Heroes Foundation is by including a gift in their wills. Thanks to these gifts, the Heroes Foundation is better able to support our mission.

Donors who make this important commitment to Heroes Foundation are invited to become a Heroes Foundation Summit Society member. Heroes Foundation Summit Society is a group of supporters who have made a lasting commitment naming Heroes Foundation as a beneficiary in their will.



If you have included the Heroes Foundation in your estate plans, we invite you to become a member of the Heroes Foundation Summit Society. Membership requires no minimum commitment or obligations, but it allows us to thank and honor visionary individuals who will provide the present and future financial energy needed for cancer prevention, support and research.  Your involvement in the Heroes Foundation Summit Society may also inspire generosity in others!

There is no minimum commitment amount required for membership. We are grateful for any information you choose to share related to your plans, but we do not require copies of your planning documents (wills, trusts, etc.).

If you have not yet included the Heroes Foundation in your plans and would like to explore the best options for you and your family, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to assist you on a confidential basis, without any obligation.


Discuss Your Options

Learn about different ways to give and engage as a Heroes Foundation Summit Society member. Please call 317-983-6580 or use the contact form here.


Benefits of Membership

  • No minimum commitment or obligations
  • Invitations to special events
  • Special acknowledgement in the Heroes Foundation annual report and other publications (unless anonymity is preferred)


Summit Society Overview

Did you know there are creative ways to support the Heroes Foundation? Ways in which the Heroes Foundation, you and your loved ones all benefit at the same time? Such giving is called “planned gifts” because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for you and the Heroes Foundation.

Your bequest to support our mission should be planned thoughtfully. Many good planning techniques are available, and you should choose the type of bequest that best suits your personal objectives.

For example, your bequest can be a stated dollar amount, or you can bequeath specific property to the Heroes Foundation. Some of our friends prefer to bequeath a certain percentage of the remainder of their estate — the amount that remains after paying all debts, costs, and other prior legacies.

Whichever form you prefer, you can direct that your bequest be used for our greatest needs or for a specific purpose you designate. Whatever your objectives, we will be happy to work with you in planning a bequest that will be satisfying, economical, and effective in carrying out your wishes in our important mission.

With your permission, we will recognize your gift through membership in the Summit Society, a distinguished group of supporters who have made a planned gift to our mission.


Do you have a will?

Make us part of your family. A gift through your will or estate is the easiest gift you can make today.


How it Works
  • Include a gift to the Heroes Foundation in your will or trust
  • Download Sample Bequest Language
  • Make your bequest unrestricted or direct it to a specific purpose
  • Indicate a specific amount or a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate or trust


  • Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime
  • You can modify your gift to address changing circumstances
  • You can direct your gift to a particular purpose (be sure to check with us to make sure your gift can be used as intended)
  • Under current tax law, there is no upper limit on the estate tax deduction for your charitable bequests


Already have a will?  Amend it with a codicil.

A codicil is a simple amendment to a will, which avoids the cost and complication of rewriting an entire will. The codicil must be signed and witnessed or notarized as is the original will.

Download Sample Codicil

You likely have more questions. Explore some frequently asked questions regarding wills and legalities.

Download “Gifts From Your Will” FAQs

Contact Us To Speak with A Heroes Foundation Staff Member about the Summit Society