Epi 28: Melanie Brewer on the importance of community and communication

In episode 28 of the Summits Podcast, co-hosts Vince Todd, Jr. and Daniel Abdallah are joined by Indianapolis native Melanie Brewer. Tune in as Melanie shares her and her husband’s journey with glioblastoma. From family and friends who stood by their side in difficult times, to the conversations she wishes she would have had with […]

Summits Podcast Episode 25: Billy Campbell on his kidney cancer journey

In episode 25 of the Summits Podcast, Vince Todd, Jr. sits down with Indiana native and MacAllister Machinery employee Billy Campbell. Tune in as Billy shares his journey with kidney cancer as a young father and his advice to others on living a healthy lifestyle. “Life goes quick…I would encourage folks to don’t feel like […]