Heroes Foundation Program: Project Militia

Project Militia

PROJECT MILITIA is a force of ordinary citizens committed to waging a war on cancer in their community.  These dedicated individuals are going to battle by taking it to the streets.  They are the Heroes Foundation foot soldiers promoting cancer prevention and healthy lifestyles throughout the state of Indiana.

Tactically, this means raising awareness and educating by providing literature, presenting facets of healthy living and cancer prevention, and promotional items at events related to the fight against cancer every month throughout the state.  PROJECT MILITIA will further promote awareness by attending events in a retired military vehicle, ensuring they will not be missed.  Our allies in these efforts include American Cancer Society, Livestrong, local cancer centers, and others.

In short, PROJECT MILITIA poses a triple threat to cancer by: 1. Serving as an additional platform for Team Heroes to promote healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention at running, cycling, and triathlon events throughout the state, throughout the year; 2. Raising a ruckus by delivering LEGO® kits to pediatric cancer patients as part of our Team JOEY Program, and our Reconfigured Goddess book to breast cancer patients; and 3. Driving awareness of the Heroes Foundation in the Central Indiana community through grassroots tactics.

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