To provide meaningful support to cancer patients, education to promote cancer prevention and resources to advance research for a cure.

Dear Friends and Heroes,

It’s an amazing feeling to be celebrating our 15th anniversary this year. While our accomplishments have certainly exceeded my expectations from 2001, when I lay on a couch recovering from another chemo treatment, the vision for what could lie ahead over the next 15 years — and beyond — is nothing short of exciting.

2014 was another year of positive growth and milestones for the Heroes Foundation.

  • Surpassing $200,000 at the An Evening With Heroes gala, where we welcomed Stuart Scott to our Heroes Foundation family.
  • Local research projects received critical start-up capital to investigate potentially life-changing hunches.
  • Team Heroes growing to more than 150 people strong, and racking up impressive results at cycling, running and triathlon events.
  • Project Militia dispensing hundreds of bottles of sunscreen and tubes SPF lip balm.
  • Team JOEY delivering hundreds of LEGO kits to inpatient pediatric oncology patients.

These accomplishments and our continued growth trend into 2015 would not be possible without volunteers who are critical to our mission. The 2014 increase in our corporate sponsorship family was highly impactful and flattering. We look for this growth and engagement to continue to increase in the years ahead as our brand builds awareness locally and nationally.

While there is much to be thankful for, there is also much more work to be done in our three core areas:







Think about this, 2.4 million Indiana residents, or two out of every five people living in Indiana, will eventually develop cancer. I can tell you that the Heroes Foundation is not taking this statistic lightly and is currently taking bold steps to increase the success of our mission, guided by an ambitious, innovative vision that will make a powerful impact on Central Indiana.

Come join us!


Vince Todd, Jr.
Chairman and Co-Founder


Between 2006 and 2010, an average 32,563 Hoosiers were diagnosed with cancer each year. Supporting people living with cancer and the loved ones who are caring for them is critical to the Heroes Foundation’s mission.


Inspired by the life of Joey Keller and focused on furthering the battle against pediatric cancer through research and small but-mighty LEGO® bricks, Team JOEY raises funds and brings smiles to pediatric cancer patients.

Average number of individual LEGO bricks delivered to pediatric cancer patients in 2014.

Number of LEGO kits delivered to pediatric cancer patients in 2014.

Top fan favorite LEGO set delivered by Team JOEY in 2014.

First Monday

Cancer requires more than just medical care. The Heroes Foundation helps fund the First Monday program at Indiana University Health’s IU Simon Cancer Center to provide a comfortable, supportive environment for patients and their loved ones to share their experiences, feelings and challenges of the cancer journey.

Programming in 2014 included topics on art and wellbeing, brain tumors, caregivers support, children and cancer, CLL and slow-growing lymphoma, coping with multiple myeloma, living with metastatic and recurrent cancers, living with cancer, and melanoma.

What people like best about First Mondays

  • “Talking with others who know what I’m going through.”
  • “Sharing ideas and info on new therapies.”
  • “The meals are a great help, as at times you don’t feel like cooking.”

Attendance for First Monday programs in 2014, with about 67% of people attending regularly.


Percentage of First Monday attendees surveyed who said they would recommend the program to others.

“The meals are a great help, as at times you don’t feel like cooking.”

Speaking of meals … 2014 totals for food provided for First Monday meetings:

420 Sandwiches

300 Salad servings

300 Mac & cheese servings

420 Desserts

36 Gallons of drinks

The Reconfigured Goddess

Bonnie Maurer and Andrea Eberbach created this beautiful collection of poems and illustrations to help support those experiencing breast cancer. The book encourages women to gather strength to go forward, commit to their recovery and claim their own story.

Number of breast cancer incidents in 2011 in women in Indiana. The need for emotional and physical support for these women is real.

Approximate number of copies of The Reconfigured Goddess gifted in 2014. The art and poetry in the book have the ability to act as a strong transformative agent in this health crisis. Proceeds from book sales go back to the Heroes Foundation general fund and to make it possible to print and give more books.


The facts are tough to swallow: 30% of adults in Indiana are considered obese, 36% aren’t physically active, and 21% are smokers. These behaviors have all been linked to higher rates of cancer. The Heroes Foundation is actively working to help prevent cancer by educating Hoosiers and serving as positive examples in our community.


Team Heroes raises awareness about the Heroes Foundation’s commitment to supporting cancer prevention by walking the walk: living healthy lifestyles as cyclists, triathletes, runners and more.


Average mileage by Team Heroes’ 15 highest-mileage riders in 2014.


Team Heroes members.


Number of cancer survivors on Team Heroes.

Project Militia

With Hero1 as its impossible-to-miss mascot, Project Militia is a force of ordinary citizens committed to waging a war on cancer in their community through awareness and education about cancer prevention.


Estimated number of LEGO kits needed to fill the bed of Hero1. Let’s fill it up and start delivering more smiles to pediatric cancer patients!

Adam Vinatieri

The most talented NFL kicker to ride in Hero1 in 2014, Vinatieri helped deliver LEGO kits to cancer patients through Team JOEY.


Approximate number of miles Hero1 covered 2014.


No one is going to stumble upon a cure for cancer. We must aggressively seek a cure. Supporting research that strives to prevent, treat and cure cancer is a vital part of our mission.

SJP Heroes Cancer Research Fund

Founded in 2007,the SJP Heroes Cancer Research Fund is an endowed fund that makes a measureable impact on moving cancer patient care forward by jumpstarting promising research. The fund was created in honor of Susan J. Patrick, a two-time cancer survivor, who died after bravely battling her third diagnosis.

$40,000 gift
Research funds awarded to Dr. Karen Pollok of the Herman B. Wells Center for Pediatric Research at Indiana University Simon Cancer Center and the IU School of Medicine to advance progress toward a cure for brain cancer in children. The Team JOEY program awarded the funds through the SJP Heroes Cancer Research Fund.

Dr. Karen Pollok
Our long-term goal is to improve the standard build on therapies that are necessary to secure NIH funding to continue making strides and helping children."

$40,000 impact
Dr. Pollok and colleagues are working on new approaches for treatment of pediatric brain tumors. In 2014-2015, they discovered a triple combination therapy that can be delivered to the brain and increases survival of human glioblastoma cells in a mouse model. With funds through the Heroes Foundation, they have been able to expand this experimental approach to look at glioblastoma cells that have different mutations and responses to conventional therapy.

Estimated number of children in the United States under the age of 15 in 2015 who will be diagnosed with cancer. Brain and spinal cord tumors are the second most common cancers in children (after leukemia).


Heroes Foundation events raise funds and build community around our mission. With a range of event types, our attendees, participants, sponsors and volunteers found lots of ways to get involved in 2014.


The fourth annual Spin4Heroes was held March 2, 2014. The indoor relay-style team cycling/spinning event is open to people of all skill levels. The bike is just the vehicle to achieve our end-goal—to serve the cancer community through support, research and prevention.


Funds raised at the 2014 Spin4Heroes event.


People and 45 teams participated during the 2014 Spin4Heroes.


Average number of miles covered during the event.

An Evening With Heroes

Our annual gala, An Evening With Heroes features live and silent auctions, dinner and dancing. The 14th annual celebration was held at the JW Marriott and reached record-high attendance.

$205,000 impact
Funds raised.

Stuart Scott
An inspiration to the Heroes Foundation and all of us in the fight against cancer, we were honored to have two-time cancer survivor ESPN Sportscaster Stuart Scott emcee the event. Scott passed away in 2015.


Number of attendees.


Times LIVESTRONG CEO Doug Ulman has survived cancer. Ulman served the Keynote presentation during the gala.


Cases of wine consumed during the event.

#PIFF Party

The Heroes Foundation began hosting its annual #PIFF (Pay It Forward Friday) Party in 2013. With a live band and plenty of craft beer, the 2014 event at Flat12 Bierwerks raised funds and spirits.

Funds raised.

Hinchtown Hammerdown
Flat12’s most consumed beer during the 2014 party.


2014 Heroes Foundation sponsors included the following generous businesses and organizations.

  • Accessa Coatings Solutions
  • Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Indiana
  • Apparatus
  • Apex Benefits
  • AcromaPro
  • Bedel Financial Consulting Inc.
  • Bose McKinney & Evans LLP
  • The Brookfield Group
  • The Catherine Peachey Fund
  • Community Health Network/Visionary Enterprises Inc.
  • Creighton Family Fund
  • Delta Faucet Company
  • eImagine Technology Group
  • Financial Bank
  • First Internet Bank
  • First Merchants Bank
  • Flat12 Bierwerks
  • FlexPAC
  • Gene B. Glick Company
  • Hc1.com
  • Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman
  • Harding Poorman Group
  • Healthcare Products Delivery Inc.
  • Helmreich Family Fund
  • HIT Solutions
  • Hollister
  • Ice Miller
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Interface Aesthetic Surgery Group
  • IU Health
  • Just Pop In!
  • Katz Sapper & Miller
  • The Melissia Oesterle Family Fund
  • Monarch Beverage
  • Moser Consulting
  • Motion Cycling & Fitness
  • The Naked Monkey
  • Newfangled Confections
  • Newgrange Consulting
  • Open Control Systems
  • OurHealth
  • Proximo Spirits
  • Renita Haines CPA
  • Roche
  • SBC Wealth Management
  • Scopelitis Garvin Light Hanson & Feary
  • Smith Brauer Dentistry
  • Southern Wine & Spirits of Indiana
  • Stickle Steam Specialties Co.
  • Sun King Brewing
  • Superior Chemical
  • TSI Energy Solutions
  • Triton Brewing
  • Upland Brewing
  • Van Rooy Companies
  • Vesalius Health & Sport

Current Team Heroes Sponsors are:

  • Bose McKinney & Evans
  • The Bret Neylon Paralysis Foundation
  • Bright Sheet Metal Company
  • Casler’s Kitchen & Bar
  • Community Health Surgery Center
  • First Merchants Bank
  • Fischer Homes
  • Grin Dentistry
  • Krieg Devault
  • Livestrong
  • McDonald’s
  • Merchants Bank of Indiana
  • Motion Cycling & Fitness
  • Oak Street Funding
  • Republic Services
  • Sadler Orthodontics
  • Scopelitis Garvin Light
  • Hanson & Feary
  • Sensory Technologies
  • Specialized
  • Zipp Speed Weaponry

Our Team

Executive Team

Vince Todd, Jr.,
Chairman and Co-Founder

Cindy Todd,
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Board of Directors

Bryan Babb

Janet Campbell

Brian Betner

Don Birch

Kelly Canada

Kyle Fisher

Renita Haines

Rachel Lechleiter

Eric Orme

Joel Russell

Dr. Jason Schaffer

Joe Todd

Sue & Vince Todd

Dr. Jeff Wells

The work of the Heroes Foundation would not be possible without our tireless, dedicated volunteers. Thank you!


Statement of Activities

The Heroes Foundation, Inc.
Statement of Activities
Year ended December 31, 2014

SUPPORT AND REVENUE Unrestricted Restricted Endowment Total
Contributions $253,701 $50,000 $303,701
Sales 2,394 -0- 2,394
Investment 436 2,809 3,245
Total support and revenue 256,531 52,809 309,340
Program Services 148,293 -0- 148,293
Management and General 56,833 -0- 56,833
Fundraising 81,985 -0- 81,985
Total expenses 287,111 -0- 287,111
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (30,580) 52,809 22,229
NET ASSETS, beginning of year 98,204 92,949 191,153
NET ASSETS, end of year $67,624 $145,758 $213,382

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